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Find the perfect place to stay at Breckenridge for your Vacation

Whether you are looking for a hotel-style property, a boutique hotel, or a private home, VillaBreck's selection of accommodations offer something to suit everyone.

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What to do once you get your accommodation

Here are the activities you and your family can engage in when you visit Colorado.


Vacation Tips

A quick summary of what to do and where to go to help you plan for your vacation.


About Us

VillaBreck helps you find your perfect ski vacation in Colorado. Our trained hospitality experts will work with you to plan your perfect ski trip. You can also search our 100+ properties to find the best vacation rental home for you all over Colorado

Breckenridge Trail Maps

The Breckenridge and Summit County Trail Map is the most up-to-date and thorough guide to the local roads and trails in and around Breckenridge and southern Summit County. A hard copy of the map is available at the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main St.) or at local retailers. Proceeds from the sale of the printed trail map go directly to trail building and open space maintenance efforts.

Breckenridge trails offer four seasons of fun. In the summer and fall, try hiking and biking, and in the winter and spring, check out fat-biking, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing!

Coming to town soon?  Stop by and pick up a trail map from the Breckenridge Welcome Center.

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